Essential equipment for tree surgery one must not forget!

Before you climb yourself on a tree, some essential equipment for tree surgery would be very beneficial that you should be kitted out with. You surely want to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. However, It could be a costly process to set yourself as an arborist and can be quite dangerous as well as it keeps your life at stake. With plenty of arborist equipment available in the market, there are some of the most significant ones that one must not forget when doing the extensive tree surgery procedures. If you are going to forget any of these on your job, you can have various worst possible outcomes that you definitely won’t have imagined. Be careful!

1. Arborist starter kit

Protecting yourself from injuries is possible by wearing arborist starter kit as you are working at some great heights. Accidents can happen anytime, so it’s better to wear protective things that will keep you safe from cuts and injuries. The starter kit comprises of chainsaw trousers, chainsaw boots, helmet, chainsaw gloves and jacket. These essentials will not keep you safe from hazardous situations but will also keep you in the right balance that is extremely vital in the profession.

2. Throwing bean bag

To protect yourself from unnecessary risk and save your time and effort, throwing bean bag holds prime importance. It keeps you from the repeated climbing line and is essential for hoisting an arborist rope.

3. Friction saver

To protect your climbing rope by rubbing against the tree from any wear or tear, friction saver comes to the rescue. It is a must-have for all the arborists and can be used for a variety of other tasks including the ascending of your rope.

4. Harness

It is one of the most vital parts of a daily working kit for an arborist. By getting the right harness, it will not only provide you with security at height but will also facilitate you with good support and your job performance.

5. Climbing Aids

To assist and secure yourself from various climbing tasks, climbing karabiners and zig-zag climbing aids are ideal. You can quickly move around the tree by connecting it with the rope smoothly and efficiently.

6. Spikes

If you are going to remove a tree, spikes can greatly make your work easier. For the trees that are going to fell, climbing spikes can make you do your work with much comfortability. But if you are performing some other task other than removing the tree, don’t use them as they are likely to damage it.

7. Lanyards

To adjust your position while working on the tree, climbing shorter distances, providing a secondary attachment point for safety and to allow your movement towards and away from the trunk, lanyards are one of the most necessary equipment.

8. Rope

The center of every function you are going to perform will be assisted with the ropes that itself defines its importance. When buying a rope, look out for a fine quality rope that is in good condition to avoid any risky situations.